The recent need for TeleMedicine management is nothing new to Nicky Jardine. Nicky has been setting up and managing medical practices remotely with the aid of Virtual Practice Management for many years.

As such medical centres under Nicky’s practice management have seen a smooth transition to TeleHealth.

A New Landscape

The changes forced by the COVID-19 pandemic will most likely change the landscape of how medical centres will operate from now on.

This is because once a service offers something new, those customers who adopt it will most likely see the benefits and wish to use them thereafter.

Those medical centres that are early adopters of TeleMedicine can then capitalise on this shift in patient behaviour. Rather than seeing TeleHealth as a burden to their practice, they can embrace an opportunity to provide a better service to their patients.

Nicky has a deep understanding of what is required to make TeleMedicine management work. She has both the hands on experience of setting up medical practices and managing them remotely through Virtual Practice Management.

The use of TeleMedicine in a practice can, like any change to a system, create anxiety for both medical and support staff. Nicky has much experience in getting staff on board by seeing the opportunities that come with change.


Nicky has provided practice management services for medical centres across the country in both rural and urban environments.

She has the skills and experience to set up TeleMedicine for your practice the right way from the start while tackling any issues that arise.

To find out how TeleMedicine can work for your medical practice please contact Nicky on 1300 798 831 or email Nicky for an appointment via Coviu.

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