Virtual Practice Management services has achieved tremendous popularity amongst medical businesses over the past few years. The model offers valuable benefits such as:

  • Cost saving with payroll
  • Assisting internal teams (Medical Receptionists and Practice Nurses) to focus on daily operations
  • Off-loading strategic goals

This model provides increased focus on innovation and profit.

When you look at a modern day business (even people you may work with in your building), you sometimes don't see them for days or weeks on end. Most communication is done via email, Skype, telephone etc. The majority of multi-national companies work with virtual management solutions.

Consider the familiar role scenario below:

“I've run a virtual team for the past 18 months in the development and launch of (a website.) I am located in Toronto, Canada. The website was designed in Zagreb, Croatia. The software was developed in St. John's, Newfoundland; Zagreb, Croatia; Delhi, India; and Los Angeles, USA. Most of the communication was via email with periodic discussions via Skype. I had one face-to-face meeting with the team lead for the technology development this past December.”

Managing a medical practice is no different. Your Practice Manager needs to work ON the business not IN the business. You don't want your Practice Manager involved in daily issues which can be resolved easily by experienced medical administration support staff or practice nurses.


  • Roles of the team are clarified. There is more focus on peoples job description
  • Cutting edge technology is FREE:
  • - Skype
  • - Team Viewer
  • - Conference calls
  • - Emails
  • - SMS
  • - Remote access to computers to view software, i.e. Pracsoft, Best Practice, Medical Director
  • Practice Management team can focus on what is important to the practice
  • Medical Receptionists/Practice Nurses are allowed to “Do their job” – look after patients
  • Mentoring is provided to all support staff
  • The team maintain clear goals, performance standards, and communication rules.

The practice management services outlined in this proposal can be tailored to suit the requirements of your practice and also give you an idea of what we can be ultimately responsible for. During the transition of this model we develop a flow chart for staff so everyone in the practice knows what they are responsible for and what to do if there is a problem. An example can be viewed below.

We can provide all of these duties via Virtual Practice Management and can even monitor how long the patients have been sitting in your waiting room! NJHTC often phone the practices and enquire why the doctor is running late! We can see this happening via remote access using the “Waiting Room” facility in your medical software. This assists the medical receptionists analyse the problem, but also convey information to the patients.

An On-site full time practice manager for a 3-4 FTE GP can cost up to $ 80,000 including Superannuation, WorkCover and Insurance. Our Virtual Practice Management fees are very competitive and all centres are assigned three members of staff to work on your practice.


Nicky Jardine Business Health Solutions offer a comprehensive range of services to ensure your practice is run smoothly, efficently and effectively

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