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Is your medical centre leaking money?

Several factors can lead to a medical practice losing money, yet don’t think for one moment that your medical practice is different from any other. If you do not have robust systems in place for every aspect of your medical practice, you will be losing money.

Below are a few ideas to help shore up those leaks that may have financial consequences for your medical practice.

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Future Proof Your Medical Practice In A Post Pandemic World

By now medical practices have adjusted to TeleHealth and social distancing within consultations, changes to MBS items, challenges sourcing personal protective equipment, the introduction of workplace and IT systems associated with those adjustments, along with a plethora of staff and clients needs.

Thankfully everyone, including patients, are familiar with, and have adjusted to, this new normal of how medical practices are operating.

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Marketing New Practices To Potential Doctors & Patients

When starting a new medical centre, potential owners always discuss the fit-out, medical equipment, IT and of course recruiting doctors to their practice. Marketing or branding never seems high on some agendas. However, marketing is one of the most important aspects of a new practice.

By medical marketing, I also mean branding which influences your medical practice story, logo and design elements. Everything in the medical centre should be focused on branding as it can help differentiate your medical centre from those in the marketplace.

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Medical Practice Marketing Overhaul – Preparation For The New ‘Normal’

An overhaul of your medical practice marketing goals and strategies may be the last thing on your mind at the moment. That would be understandable considering the current economic climate. However, if you have some space in your diary, either through a reduction in appointments or the change of work environment, now is a wise time to take action.

That’s because the best time to start increasing your marketing efforts is when others aren’t.

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