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Q & A about the medical reception course

What is the qualification ?

The majority of the course is on line . On completion of the course you will either receive a Certificate III in Business Administration (Medical) from Sutherland Training or a certificate from the Nicky Jardine Group.

The Short Medical Reception Course has 5 units and the Certificate III in Business Administration (Medical) has 13 units.

Do not be fooled by only doing a weekend course  ! Some of the weekend courses  are only a couple of units. You will not gain in depth knowledge of the health system and you will end up getting confused. Please check which units you are studying.

Why is an online course beneficial ?

With an online course you will have flexibility and also access to an assessor for all your assignment or study issues.  Also of the face to face courses are held during the day or at the weekend. And most of the time you are asked to do research on the computer ! For people living in Queensland, we can also offer face to face interviews if required. Many students have been through the online course and found it easy and very informative.

An online course will allow you to continue working, look after the kids and study at a time that suits you. There is less pressure and more individualised help.

When can I start ?

You can start the course as soon as the enrolment form has been filled out.  Make sure you have access to a computer and the internet. Please note that if you do not have a computer you can use a computer in a library or even an internet cafe ! You have your own login, so you can even do the course overseas whilst you are on holiday ! However ....... I wouldn’t suggest that.

I would also suggest that you have basic Microsoft office skills.

How much is the course ?

This will depend on the course in which you are taking. Please visit the Medical Reception Course Menu for further details. The course includes all materials . All of the resources are up to date and written by Nicky Jardine. Nicky has over 20 years experience in the health industry and currently works with large medical practices.

How long with the course take ?

The course is self paced. You can take up to 12 months to complete it. However if you put your mind to it , you can complete the course within 6 months. It also depends on how many units you are doing. i.e. If you are just doing the 5 medical units , you can complete the course in about 5-6 weeks at a leisurely pace.


If I have problems with assessments, who do I contact ?

Email or telephone Nicky Jardine Health Training and Consulting ( NJHTC) and they will answer any of your answers. The assessors are usually available until 8pm most evenings.

How easy is it to get a job ?

You have more chance of getting a job in the medical industry if you can show you have done a course. I also put your resume ( de-identified) on my web site to help get the ball rolling.  I would suggest sending your resume to all local practices and do this on a weekly basis . I kid not ! The more times they see your resume , the more they will remember you !

Make sure you attend your interview looking professional. Switch off your mobile and look the interviewer straight in the eye and smile ! Eye contact and good communication skills are paramount to this position ! NJHTC are always available to help you with any enquiries you have.

Have you got an iphone or ipad ?

If you are lucky enough to have an iphone or ipad there are hundreds of really good books available through Kobo. These medical industry books are much cheaper then purchasing them through a book shop. I have saved hundreds of dollars downloading books this way!

You will need to purchase either a nurses dictionary or a medical terminology book. I recently purchased “Medical terminology for Dummies” It’s fantastic .

If you have any other questions , please do not hesitate to contact NJHTC either by telephone or email. We are here to help.