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Medical Director Clinical Software Training

Medical Director training includes the following and please go to the link below for some online demonstrations :

Medical Director Demos

1.      Setting up a new user

2.       Allocating user levels

3.       Allocating report levels

4.       Adding a Patient

·         Customising Medical Director for Individual preferences

·         Adding or editing patient details form the patient record

·         Adding allergy/warning details

·         Adding family/social history

·         Adding notes

·         Smoking and Alcohol

5.       Switching between family members

6.       Progress Notes

·         Inbuilt shortcut keys for headings in progress notes - AUTOFILL

·         The “Reason for visit” and “Procedure” tabs

·         The “Past Visits ” tab

·         “Reasons for visit” tab

·         Saving your progress notes

·         Viewing progress notes from previous visits

·         Amend notes from previous visit (doctors only)

·         Diagrams in notes

·         Adding Clinical images

·         Reference to notes and accreditation, i.e clean data

·         Printing patient records to post “Transfer of Records”

7.       Printing Scripts

·         To prescribe a new medication – New Rx

·         To print a Repeat prescription- Current Rx

·         To make changes to medications- Right click on script

8.       Letter Writer

·         Opening letter writer

·         Access letter writer from within a patient record

·         User-defined templates

·         Summaries in letter writer

·         Supplied templates

·         Using templates

·         Address book in letter writer

·         Accessing address book within a patient records

·         Medical Objects

·         Accessing address book within letter writer

·         Existing letters –opening, editing, deleting, reprinting and resaving

·         Using existing templates

·         Modifying existing templates

·         Template fields

·         User defined templates (Advanced features)

·         Importing templates

·         Example of complex template

·         Web sites with Medical Director templates

9.       Incoming Results

·         Generating a pathology request form

·         Add pathology to ACTIONS

·         Setup Favourites

·         Generating a radiology request form- Explaining to staff about Panvista

·         Downloading results (Incoming Reports)

·         Checking results within the patient record

·         Notifying patients of results

·         Following up results

·         Investigation Reports- Checking which reports are waiting to come in.

10.    Basic Navigation of Medical Director

·         Tool Bars


1.       Clinical Tools in MD with focus on Care Plans, Medical Reviews and Health Assessments

2.       Adding Immunisations – VIVAS reports

3.       Recalls and Reminders

·         View In Box

·         Recalls- Abnormal Results which doctors mark off

·         Adding patient recalls in the consultation

·         Deleting patient recall reasons from the list

·         Generating the recall list

·         Contacting patients for recall

·         To update, remove or cancel?

·         Marking recall reason as performed

·         Following up recalls using the outstanding actions list

4.       Search for Patients in Database with a focus on Clinical Audits  

5.       CAT Tool – Get On Board

6.       Scanning and importing into the patient record

7.       Address Book/ removing address book items

8.       Adding categories to the address book


1.       Setting and customising the software – Contact IT specialist or MD

2.       Travel medicine guide

3.       Update notes as per accreditation guidelines- Also Pracsoft

4.       Medical-Objects connectivity

a.       How the data is brought into the software including basic troubleshooting

b.       Database searches with focus on the entire database and understanding the data for EPC items

5.       Marking patients as inactive

6.       Viewing and reactivating patients records

7.       Marking patients as deceased

8.       Diagnosis coder

9.      Merge search lists

10.    Customised patient searches

11.    Patient education handouts/accessing

12.    Importing patient handouts

13.    Asthma, diabetes, immunisation, pap smear, pregnancy list, prescription searches. (NPS Audits)

14.    Viewing reports in MD stats

Please find below link for Medical Director Quick Start Guide 

Medical Director quick start guide