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Accreditation , Practice Management and Consulting

RACGP 4th Edition Standards Accreditation with AGPAL and GPA

Are you a General Practice and considering RACGP Accreditation? Even the mere thought of going through the accreditation process can be daunting and quite stressful. But :-

“ Accreditation has had a positive role in improving quality and safety in general practice. The inclusion of tighter indicators that require verifiable evidence will be a step forward. The Australian Primary Care Collaborative (APCC) Program has an opportunity to build on its previous success in general practice quality improvement to further enhance patient safety in General practice” Retrieved 18 November 2014 .

So if the above statement is true why do general practices shudder the thought of the accreditation experience?  

At Nicky Jardine Health Training & Consulting (NJHTC) we guide and manage you through the process and mentor your staff to get the most out of accreditation. Under “Nicky Jardine’s” management two practices have been awarded RACGP Practice of the Year under the recommendation of the accreditation bodies.

We work throughout Australia and most of the accreditation consultation can be done on line or via Tele-Practice Management. We have online practice manuals, task management systems for your medical receptionists, practice nurses and doctors and a wealth of knowledge of the RACGP Accreditation Standards. We may also be able to help you acquire a Grant from the government to help with the process, plus register your medical practice with the Practice Incentive Program and the Practice Nurse Incentive Program.

Contact our friendly team today to see how we can help you. We are leaders in the accreditation process and have proven experience to ensure this a positive time for your practice with profitable results. Not only will your practice be compliant but we will teach you how to utilise all your new systems to market your practice effectively. 

Accreditation is not daunting for us! We have assisted scores of practices successfully pass accreditation. 



NJHTC specialises in Tele-Practice Management© and consulting.  NJHTC enables doctors to practice medicine independently whilst looking after your medical business and staff in a professional and efficient manner. We do not instil corporate or network targets. We manage your practice the way you would manage it if you had time!

NJHTC has years of experience in planning, developing, establishing and operating Medical Practices in Australia.

We have a network of partners that allows us to quickly start new doctor’s practices that are prepared and ready to begin operating efficiently from day one.  

NJHTC's job is not over when the practice opens its doors - NJHTC will continue to provide as much, or as little, oversight and assistance as requested by clients. 

"I cannot believe I was so sceptical about remote management services. My practice is now efficiently managed and my staff are happy, it all makes sense. I would like to sincerely thank you for all your help. I actually enjoy owning my practice now. I have got absolutely no hesitation in recommending your company to anyone who values excellent practice management "  Graeme H. GP Sydney

Medical Practice Consulting services include:

Tele-Practice Management ©

NJHTC can assist doctors with all aspects of practice management from Executive Leadership to Financial Management. 

Many of our clients have NJHTC on a retainer to assist with a subset of the services outlined below.  Other clients request that we provide specific services on an as-needed basis.

Whatever your practice needs, NJHTC is poised and ready to assist you in a manner that best meets your situation.

Executive Leadership

(Direction and leadership toward the achievement of the organization’s philosophy, mission, strategy and annual goals/objectives.)

  • Implementation of strategic goals and objectives
  • Liaison between lawyers, accountants, technicians and other professional service providers
  • Business consultant for practice management team and doctors

Nicky has won the following awards:

  • Australian Institute of Management  Sunshine Coast Medal for Leadership and Management 2008
  • Sunshine Coast Business Person of the Year 2009

Financial Management

(Direct and coordinate a practice’s financial and budget activities in order to fund operations, maximize investments and increase efficiencies.)

  • Contract review and negotiation i.e both Contractors and Serviced Office Agreements
  • Bookkeeping services for medical practices
  • Review and negotiation of contracts and agreements with suppliers
  • Development of annual budget
  • Expense review
  • Monitor accounts receivable (A/R) including billing/collections process
  • Prepare and review monthly YTD income/expense budget
  • Explanation of budget variances
  • Debt restructuring and review of loan terms
  • Pension plan optimisation
  • Analysis of financial performance of ancillary programs

Human Resource Management

(Confer with hospital/ practice members, organisation leaders and staff members to discuss issues, coordinate activities and resolve problems.)

  • Assistance with hiring of new staff and annual performance reviews
  • Employment and termination counselling and assistance
  • Adjudication of professional and employee issues
  • Development and implementation of personnel policies and procedures
  • Yearly training and coordination of office personnel
  • Benefits evaluation

Facilities Management

(Analyse facility operations to evaluate areas of potential cost reduction, building improvement or relocation.)

  • Building issues, utilities, maintenance, etc.
  • Lease negotiations
  • Expansion projects (planning and implementation)