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General Practice Tools for Doctors, Practice Nurses and Medical Receptionists

This is a great one page resource for doctors, practice nurses and medical receptionists working in a General Practice Environment.

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Practice Job Descriptions

Click here to download some job descriptions for your staff.

Practice Manager

Medical Receptionist ( Level 2)

Practice Nurse

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Nursing in General Practice

I found this handbook whilst looking for updated Practice Nurse job descriptions on the web. This has some excellent information for P...

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RACGP 5th Edition Accreditation Standards DRAFT-Practice Resource

The draft of the RACGP Accreditation Standards has some great information and useful websites for medical centres. It would not be hard to to start introducing these Standards to your centres now. Please click on this link to see the

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ACN: Nursing in General Practice

Found this great resource from the PHN South Eastern Melbourne. All practice staff should take the time to read about the role of a pr...

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Health Professionals Online Services

Ever wondered about all the services available to doctors, nurses and medical receptionists on the HPOS ? Click on this link to access guides to al...

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Practice Nurse Induction Checklist

Recruitment and training are a major cost to any medical practice. Employers therefore need to maximise staff retention to ensure that this investment is not wasted. The initial impression of a medical practice on an employee usually stays with...

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General Practice Accreditation

Are you just about to go through accreditation ? Follow this simple check list to establish whether you are ready to take the next step. This check list is designed for general practices considering the RACGP 4th Edtion Standards of Practice.

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