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Are you setting up a General or Speciality Practice?

You have worked long and hard to finish your medical training. As you approach your final year, thoughts turn to starting your own practice. However all you discover is that all those long hours at the hospital have taught you how to be an excellent clinician, but not the first thing about the business of medical practice.

You are not alone. The fact is there is very little time devoted to your training on how to run the business of medicine. Most training programs do not provide any courses on practice management.  

Even if you spend a fair amount of your time training in General Practices or Specialty Practices, few preceptors will open up their business practices in order to teach you the finer points of running a small business. In fact, business and compliance is becoming very complex. Many medical professionals find the maze of compliance too challenging and decide instead to work in established practices or the hospital environment.

Launching your own medical practice may be the most significant professional decision you make in your life. You need to seriously consider your options and proceed carefully.. Any project requires a business plan. You need to construct your practice as deliberately as an architect would design a building.  

At NJHTC we help you tailor your business plan and “construct” your medical centre design and business. We make the experience rewarding and fun - the way it should be. Our team is friendly and professional .We not only management the establishment process but mentor you along the way.

Remember, this is an important decision.

We provide assistance with the following:

  •          Formation of Business Plans
  •          Fit out and interior design . We work with Elite Fitout Solutions to create the perfect design for you
  •          Credentialing process with APRHA and Medicare Australia
  •          Medicare and Veteran Affairs agreements
  •          Registration of PIP, PNIP and other Government Departments to acquire Grants
  •          Establishment of a fee schedule
  •          Selection of practice management services, i.e. Tele-Practice Management or Onsite
  •          Creation of encounter forms and all applicable forms, i.e. Care Plans, Health Assessments, Referrals
  •          Workflow of office operation processes
  •          Order Initiative books
  •          Evaluation of technology (including IT) i.e. Pracsoft, Medical Director, Best Practice, Blue Chip, Stat Health
  •          Coordination of phone system
  •          Development of compliance policies and Online Practice Manual
  •          Staff training with medical software and practice policies
  •          Marketing practice
  •          Hospital privileges (if required)
  •          Initiation of payroll service and bookkeeping services, i.e. MYOB

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